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The benefits of the Praedea DEP are numerous and, given its immediate implementation, can be realized in the near term. These benefits include:

  • Reducing data collection costs and resource requirements: savings of up to 80% possible
  • Improving global workflow efficiency
  • Collecting more detailed data faster, more accurately and to precise specifications
  • Expediting quality control processes
  • Enhancing data transparency with Source Links
  • Delivering enriched and customized data to end-users in real-time
  • Achieving more with limited internal technology and R&D resources

If your organization still collects data using inefficient manual processes, consider the future:

Traditional Approach
With Praedea DEP
Data Extraction Manual, slow & costly Automatic, real-time & scalable
Content Basic public data & information Data delivered to end-user’s custom specs
Data Integrity Manual verification required Automated verification with Source Links
Value-Added Raw data Enriched data