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Manual data collection processes take too long, cost too much and lack transparency.

Praedea’s automated solution: The Praedea Data Extraction Platform.

The Praedea DEP is a universal enterprise software solution that replaces the manual processes and legacy systems currently used to collect data from financial/SEC filings and other documents. Based on over 60 years of research by the Praedea team, the Praedea DEP automatically extracts predetermined numeric figures and text from semi-structured electronic documents in real-time, while retaining links to underlying sources for absolute data transparency. With the Praedea DEP, detailed data is extracted from US and foreign (in any language) documents such as:

  • SEC forms 10-K, 10-Q, S-1, S-4 and DEF 14A
  • Earnings and economics reports
  • Ownership and mutual fund filings
  • Private company financial statements

Extracted data is seamlessly validated for quality control purposes and deposited into existing database schemas. Thereafter, the data is delivered in XML or XBRL to each end-user’s custom specifications. With the Praedea DEP’s Source Links, a simple “click-through” from any output format (including Microsoft® Excel) follows each numeric figure and textual reference back to its precise location in underlying source documents – thus, fulfilling the market’s increasing demand for absolute data transparency.