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Documents are automatically inserted into the Praedea DEP from virtually any source including SEC filings, FTP sites and internal document management systems and paired with Extraction Templates for specific document types. Data is auto-extracted from documents using text-mining models for desired terms which are built utilizing Praedea’s Term Model Wizard. During auto-extraction, error-checking protocols are run and validation of data occurs based on users’ custom quality control rules, with minimal human interaction; manual overwrites are possible.

Extracted data is deposited into existing database schemas or delivered as XML or XBRL files for easy access and utilization. End-user applications such as Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word, Lotus Notes® or other custom analytic applications may be populated with the extracted data. Source Links (hyperlinks to precise locations in underlying source documents) allow users to follow each numeric figure and textual reference back to underlying source documents for absolute data transparency.

Data Extraction Data Transparency